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The Pottery x Vic Bay Apparel Customer Success Story
An inside look at The Pottery

Behind the Scenes at The Pottery 


Locations: George, Durban, J-Bay, Cape Town
Industry: Hospitality & retail
Styles: Heavyweight T-shirts, Sweaters
Branding methods: Screen print, DTG, DTF

Q: To start, tell us about The Pottery! What does The Pottery do?
A: The Pottery is a creative cafe that works with the medium of clay. We focus our energy on giving our customers a unique, creative experience, while they can dine and curate something out of clay, paints and mosaic. Basically anything creative with pottery. We also offer retail stores that contain everything from clothing to Wonki Ware items.

Q: What’s your role at The Pottery? What are you working on day-to-day?
A: The owner and managing director. Directing and innovating new ways to generate sales. Event concepts, marketing, illustrations and working closely with management staff throughout stores to ensure we have a great customer service. 

Q: You designed a couple of t-shirts for The Pottery in the past year. I’m sure designing t-shirts is something a bit outside of your day-to-day — is designing them a fun challenge?
A: Yes, definitely it was a fun challenge I love to see the brand materialise onto merchandise and I feel its a great way to advertise your business. It allows the staff to feel proud of the place where they work. 

Q: Are there any particular considerations or differences that go into designing for something physical, like a t-shirt, versus something digital, like the majority of your work?
A: It takes my brain from the day-to-day running of the business and focuses more on the creative side of things like style, typography and logo design. I love trends and fashion and being able to incorporate our brand by keeping the basic design at the most importance is the key factor. 

Q: When thinking about custom t-shirts for The Pottery — what are the qualities that make a good t-shirt?
A: Cut, lightweight and stretchy comfortable tailored fit. 

Q: Company t-shirts have a stigma of being pretty corny — do you have any tips on how to design one that people will actually want to wear?
A: Keep it clean, keep it simple. Be direct with your message and stay original. Stay true to your brand. 

Q: What has been your favorite part about working with Vic Bay Apparel?
A: I work with a couple of different T-shirt distributors and Vic Bay has definitely been the best service, fastest turnaround time and best quality t-shirts that we have used for our HR side of the business. We highly recommend them as they are very affordable with excellent service. 

The Pottery x Vic Bay Apparel Customer Success Story
Vic Bay Apparel, David McClenaghan 9 February, 2023
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