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AstroFunk x Vic Bay Apparel Customer Success Story
An inside look at AstroFunk

Behind the Scenes at AstroFunk

Website : 

Year Launched: 2011
Locations: South Africa, mainly Durban/Johannesburg
Industry: Screen Printer, Embroider, Work Wear PPE, Corprate Wear, Promotional Wear, Clothing Brand, Hospitality, Online Store, Trader
Styles: Heavyweight T-shirt, Kids T-shirts, Hoodies, Mens Polo, Womens Polo, Kids Polo
Branding Methods: Screen Print, Embroidery, Heat Press

AstroFunk image

Q: To start, tell us about AstroFunk! What does AstroFunk do? 

AstroFunk is a distinguished printing and embroidery enterprise with a presence in Durban and Johannesburg. We specialize in delivering top-tier branded uniforms and promotional merchandise, offering end-to-end services. 

Our comprehensive approach encompasses conceptualizing product designs and bringing them to fruition for a diverse clientele, including esteemed blue-chip companies throughout South Africa. 

Established in 2011, AstroFunk has evolved to include an online store for streamlined merchandise sales. Our expertise extends to unique printing techniques, such as glow-in-the-dark and other specialized branding options, ensuring a distinctive and high-quality product offering.

Q: What’s your role at AstroFunk?

1. Strategic Visionary: Develop and communicate a clear vision for AstroFunk's growth.
2. Operational Oversight: Ensure efficient day-to-day operations and quality control.
3. Business Development: Explore opportunities for expansion, partnerships, and client acquisition.
4. Client Relationship Management: Foster and maintain relationships with blue-chip clients.
5. Innovation and Design Leadership: Drive innovation in product design and printing techniques.
6. Financial Management: Oversee budgeting, financial planning, and resource allocation.
7. Online Store Management: Direct the strategic development and management of AstroFunk's online store.
8. Brand Ambassadorship: Act as the public face of AstroFunk, representing the company at events.
9. Team Leadership: Inspire and lead a dedicated team, fostering a collaborative work culture.
10. Adaptability: Navigate challenges and changes in the business landscape, making informed decisions.

AstroFunk image

Q: What are you working on day-to-day? 

1. Strategic Visionary
2. Operational Oversight
3. Business Development
4. Client Relationship Management
5. Innovation and Design Leadership
6. Financial Management
7. Online Store Management
8. Brand Ambassadorship
9. Team Leadership
10. Adaptability
11. Strategic Planning
12. Decision-Making
13. Team Management
14. Client Interactions
15. Financial Oversight
16. Innovation Oversight
17. Operational Review
18. Market Analysis
19. Networking
20. Problem-Solving
21. Business Development
22. Brand Management
23. Online Store Management
24. Performance Evaluation
25. Communication

AstroFunk image

Q: When thinking about custom t-shirts for your clients — what are the qualities that make a good t-shirt?

1. Fabric Quality
2. Comfort
3. Durability
4. Stitching and Construction
5. Color Fastness
6. Shrink Resistance
7. Softness
8. Print Quality
9. Breath-ability
10. Tag and Label Comfort

AstroFunk image

Q: Company t-shirts have a stigma of being pretty corny — do you have any tips on how to design one that people will actually want to wear?

1. Unique Designs
2. Incorporate Brand Aesthetics
3. Modern and Trendy
4. Comfortable Fabric
5. Minimalistic Approach
6. Employee Input
7. Versatile Colors
8. Subtle Branding
9. Artistic Graphics
10. Customization Options
11. Seasonal Variations
12. Inclusive Sizing
13. Collaborations
14. Functional Features
15. Humor in Moderation
16. Environmental Considerations
17. Casual and Versatile Styles
18. Tech-Friendly Designs
19. Artistic Typography
20. Limited Editions

AstroFunk image

Q: What has been your favorite part about working with Vic Bay Apparel?

1. Consistent Quality
2. Timely Delivery
3. Cost Efficiency
4. Product Range
5. Professional Relationships and Friendly people
6. Reliability in Communication
7. Flexibility
8. Supply Chain Stability
9. Industry Knowledge 

"Self motivation is all the motivation you need to get things done" Adriel DM

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AstroFunk x Vic Bay Apparel Customer Success Story
Vic Bay Apparel, David McClenaghan 15 January, 2024
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